Uflex-Stairs Cricket Scholarship Camp finals held in Noida

Uflex – Stairs Cricket Scholarship Camp concluded on June 26th, 2014 at the Oche Cricket Academy, Cosmos College of Education, Noida Sector-163 with the awarding of Scholarships to 12 children. The camp was a follow-up of the Scholarship camp that was held at the same venue on 13th June, 2014.

The camp witnessed a turnout of 120 youngsters from the marginalised section from various areas of the NCR region. Out of them 75 children were already shortlisted for Scholarship in the previously held Cricket camp. The final camp finished with the selection of 12 budding cricketers being awarded the Uflex-Stairs Cricket Scholarship. These players were selected of an all inclusive test of various cricketing disciplines under the supervision of officials from Stairs.

The qualifying students have received a one year scholarship from Stairs. This scholarship is supported by Uflex Ltd., India’s largest flexible packaging company.

“The Uflex Stairs Cricket Scholarship Camp provides an opportunity to the underprivileged children to showcase their talent and win recognition by exhibiting their sporting talent. The camp encourages budding talent by providing these children with sporting equipments, infrastructure and coaching facilities which otherwise they wouldn’t have had an access to. We want sports to act as a bridge to help lessen the gap between the different stratas of the society. We are thankful to Uflex Ltd. for its continued support to us in our endeavour to promote the culture of sports in our society”, said Mr. Siddhartha Upadhyay, Founder and Secretary General, Stairs.

Mr. R.K. Jain, Group President (Finance and Strategy), Uflex Ltd., said: “The Uflex Stairs Cricket Scholarship Camp is organized to identify talent from the grassroot level and encourage them to come forward. We are proud to be associated with Stairs in its endeavour to provide a platform to underprivileged kids to showcase their talent and achieve their dreams. It was heartening to see that so many kids came forward and made the camp a success. We look forward to our continued association with Stairs and organize more such camps in future”.

The Scholarship camps were started in February, 2011 and have been held in various places in the region. These camps are aimed at providing a platform to the underprivileged children to hone their skills and showcase talent through these camps. Uflex supports Stairs in running cricket training academies, providing sports scholarship and sports gear to the underprivileged children.

Some of the students who have been identified by Stairs are already doing well at the national level and are earning laurels for their states. Stairs also organizes sports camps at regular intervals to promote youth talent.

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