STAIRS is an autonomous not-for-profit, Non-Governmental, Non- Religious & Non-Political organization working across various urban and rural areas of India. An effort for responsible development of the underprivileged youth (classes) designed to give them a constructive platform and increasing sustainable livelihood options with participatory approach.

STAIRS was instituted to address the needs of underprivileged youth who were wasting away their life because of lack of opportunities and guidance and involving them in a development process. In 2005, STAIRS was formally registered to build capacities of under privileged through grooming them in Sports.

Initially it was internally funded by the Founders and a close group of supporters but help poured from Corporate who wanted to be a part of this initiative. The organization is purely and actively working for improving and uplifting the quality of life by developing a support mechanism that can ensure the provision of social guidance to the communities at the approachable level.

Today, poverty and rising crime poses an important development challenge in developing countries. To address this pressing social, economical & political issue, STAIRS has followed a participatory development approach. STAIRS has successfully organized many sports camps and tournaments for underprivileged kids. At the same time it has nurtured the talent in the domain through sports scholarships and proper infrastructural support.